Friday, 24/1/2020 | 7:10 UTC+0
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Resolution of Libyan Crisis Could Only Be Political and Not Military, According to Tunisia and Italy

Minister of Foreign Affairs Taiumleb Baccouche and his Italian counterpart Paolo Gentiloni underlined, Wednesday, that the resolution of crisis in Libya could only be political and not military.

After a working session organised in Tunis, on the occasion of the official visit of the Italian Foreign and International Co-operation Minister in Tunisia, the two Ministers said that dialogue and reconciliation between the parties in conflict in Libya is the only solution for the crisis in this country.

laquo We can not accept the division of Libya, raquo Italian FM said during a meeting with the press.

He added that laquo Italy pledges to respect the decisions of the United Nations and co-operate with all the western countries who have interests with this country so that all the effort could converge and end up with a peaceful solution. raquo

In turn, Taiumleb Baccouche pointed out that the political conflict in Libya and the absence of a unified state for all the Libyan people favoured the proliferation of terrorism which is fed by the absence of security.

laquo Tunisia is against any military interference in Libya raquo, he asserted, noting that the military solutions could only further complicate the situation and boost the migration flow and terrorism.

Besides, the two Ministers underlined that it was agreed to bolster bilateral co-operation in all fields notably security by means of exchanging information to fight against terrorism which threatens, not only Tunisia but also the region of the Mediterranean, according to Baccouche.

They also emphasised the need to enhance bilateral relations in the economic and social fields by inciting the Italian businessmen to invest in Tunisia to contribute to the development efforts in the country.

In this connection, Paolo Gentiloni underlined that success of the political and constitutional process in Tunisia is a key message for the Italians and the business spheres in the sense where they could make the most of the factors of proximity, stability and opportunities of economic and industrial exchanges.

As regards migration, the Italian FM said that his country registered with satisfaction the evolution of the relations between the two countries on this issue.

laquo The migration flow are stable and regular raquo, he said. For his part, Baccouche said that migration is a social issue by excellence which has a political dimension.

However, the two Ministers did not discuss the issue of Illegal immigration and missed youth in Italy.

Concurrently to the news conference, families of missed illegal immigrants in Italy observed a sit-in outside the Foreign Ministry’s premises to claim the truth on the fate of their children.

Source : Tunis Afrique Presse