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Ras lanuf for Oil and Gas Reviews its annual activities.

Ras lanuf for Oil and Gas Reviews its annual activities.Thursday , 2812201715:41:00

Tripoli, 28 December 2017 (Lana) The General meeting of Ras lanuf
for Oil and Gas reviewed Tuesday its annual activities. The meeting
was chaired by chairman of National Oil Corporation (NOC)who is
chairman of the General meeting, Eng Mustfa Sannalla.
The meeting discussed the financial position of the company,
implemented projects and impact of liquidity shortages on completion
of some projects, and laying down priorities for pressing development
projects, and state of readiness of the industrial complex to resume
work and indicative budget for 2018.
Sanalla praised efforts of the company’s staff for maintaining
the units and implementing preemptive plans to prepare the complex
with the least resources possible, and for care for the resources of
the Libyan people in spite of the difficult circumstances.