Thursday, 12/12/2019 | 6:51 UTC+0
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Qazzi: Mismanagement of Displaced file leads to implantation

NNA – Mismanagement of the file of the Displaced, eventually leads to implantation, minister of Labour Sijaan Qazzi, told Voice of Lebanon morning talkshow today. Geneva VI works for a gradual implantation of Syrians and Palestinian refugees and a quick solution to this problem craves addressing, he warned.

Expressing dismay at press coverage of events, the minister added that Lebanese press had been for long on the payroll of foreign powers; he duly urged press pundits and Information minister Ramzi Jreij to assume full responsibility by reconsidering the actual standing and attitude of financially hard-pressed newspapers. Both private and public sectors need to bail out newspapers by allocating special funds, the minister added.

Disclosing a deep sense of resentment on part of Prime Minister Salam, Qazzi went on to exonerate cabinet ministers from any responsibility for the actual worsening state of affairs. He however had qualms against taking to the street in protest albeit, ministers would still be taking up the issue of the reportedly carcinogenesis wheat imported from Russia during their upcoming week’s meeting.

Sukleen would proceed with garbage collecting up till new contractors are found, he disclosed. Minister Qazzi likened Kataeb party uphill struggle within the cabinet to that played by his party at the height of the 1975 civil strife. Berri is working closely with Abbas Ibrahim to find a quick solution to the Internal Security crisis whereas municipal election must remain unpoliticized, he said.

Accusing the Russians of carving up Syria during their recent war on that country, he prophesied a federated system for Syria, Libya, Iraq and Yemen. Qazzi also charged Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah of doing the same by indefinitely withholding Lebanon’s presidential elections. Lebanon and March 15 need restructuring and farewell to centralized Lebanon, minister Qazzi concluded.

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