Friday, 15/11/2019 | 5:37 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Public survey in Gharyan on priorities of the citizens and support of local government.

Gharyan, Nivanti International in cooperation with Gharyan Municipal Council and Creative International conducted an opinion poll on identifying priorities of the citizens and support of local governance within Gharyan municipality Director of Public relations and media in Gharyan Municipality Dhia Qashout told Lana that Nivanti organization trained several youths from various sectors on ways to conduct opinion polls and survey of public opinion. It said the survey discovered that priorities of the public are security issue , drinking water supplies, health and sanitation . However, the 16-25 age group view that education and work opportunities should be the priority. Qashout said difference in opinions are more stark between the different age groups compared to difference of opinions between the two genders.

Source: Libyan News Agency