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President of the Presidency Council Meets Al Sharshari Family.

President of the Presidency Council Meets Al Sharshari
Family.Wednsday , 2504201815:19:00

Tripoli, 25 April 2108(Lana) The President of the Presidency
Council of the Government of National Accord Fayez Al Serraj on
Tuesday met members of Al Sharshari family and their attorney, to
offer condolences for the three children whom the family lost in a
heinous crime by a group of merciless criminals.
The President said he was following the case with relevant
authorities, and the perpetrators would face the full force of
justice, and the punishment they deserve.
The family said they appreciated what the President has done so
far, to disclose the culprits, and asked if he would intervene with
the competent authorities, to release the bodies of the deceased to
be buried, the thing to which he promptly responded, noting that it
has now become a public opinion case which concerns all Libyans.