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President Kagame applaud residents of Nyagatare for achievements – President Kagame

President Kagame applauds residents of Nyagatare for their resilient journey

President Kagame applauds residents of Nyagatare for their resilient journey

Nyagatare, 13 November 2014

President Paul Kagame has asked residents of Nyagatare District to maximise the strategic and infrastructural opportunities available in the District to achieve even more. President Kagame said this while on a citizen outreach tour in the district where he met over 30.000 people at Nyarurema ground, Gatunda Sector.

The President commended Nyagatare residents for the great achievements. Among other achievements, the President mentioned the agricultural activities in the area, the increase in access to electricity and the growing infrastructure.

President Kagame asked citizens to stand their ground against corruption:

“Services are your right, not a favour from leaders. You should not accept corruption in exchange for services you are owed. Each of us must play their part in fighting corruption.”

The President reminded citizens the importance of security in preserving progress made to date.

President Kagame also recognised the importance of Nyagatare in the struggle for liberation.

“Nyagatare is a historic district in our struggle for liberation. Twenty-two years ago, some of us were standing here. Today, our struggle is different from what it was then. The struggle we have today is to liberate ourselves from poverty.”

President Kagame added that unlike before, Rwanda of today is founded on good governance and politics that serve citizens:

“We have moved away from bad politics defined by division and empty promises. Our politics are about actions. They are about building a solid foundation, giving every Rwandan access to health, education and ensuring food security. Our politics are centered on giving everyone dignity, seeing value in each other and working together to achieve our common goal.”

The President concluded by urging residents to continue the hard work to transform the nation.

The Mayor of Nyagatare District, Sabiti Fred said the district has registered achievements in agriculture including outstanding Muvumba Marshlands irrigation scheme that covers 1750Ha-generating RwF 4.3 billions.

“Today the marshland employs over 3000 people and spends RwF.135 million on salaries for its employees monthly. Other important crops grown on large scale in the district include maize, beans and banana 4.3 billions. Maize growing covers 482.000Ha making 78.5 billions”

Dairy business also constitutes an important source of revenue to the people of Nyagatare with over 106.822 cows in the district producing 142.000 Litters of milk daily. This makes the district the biggest milk supplier in the country generating RwF 433.500.00 monthly.

Nyagatare district is one of the 7 districts of the Eastern Province occupied by over 465.855 people and it’s a home for the East African Granite Industries the largest of its kind in East Africa that employs over 300 people with monthly revenue of 189.000.000 from tile production.