Presidency Council Spokeswoman: Consultations On Consensus For Appointment Of Defense Minister Continuing.

Tripoli, Presidency Council Spokeswoman Najwa Owheiba revealed that consultations on securing a consensus over appointment of a Defense Minister were continuing, indicating that the Council was resolved that a defense minister be appointed as soon as possible, given that it is part of the effort to unify the military institution.

‘The Presidency Council has issued a decision canceling diplomatic appointments abroad, to protect national unity and the basis and professional standards of appointments at this level, Owheiba said at a press conference she held here on Monday.

The Council expressed hope that the House of Representatives and the High Council of State reach a constitutional basis for holding the elections, she said.

The Presidency Council is sticking to the roadmap and handover of power to an elected body as it promised Libyans and wants elections to be conducted on set time on Dec. 24.

Source: Libyan News Agency