People of Misrata: We hold all political bodies responsible for the deteriorating economic conditions in the country.


Tripoli: Dozens of demonstrators gathered in front of the Martyrs’ Hall in the city of Misrata, on Tuesday evening, to protest the economic crisis the country is going through, and to denounce the decision to impose a tax on the selling price of foreign exchange.

In a statement they issued, the demonstrators expressed their denunciation of the confusion in monetary and economic policies, the lack of single decisions for the Libyan state, the political conflict in all parts of the country, the wasting of money from all political bodies without oversight or accountability, and the lack of accountability from governments that led to high prices, which increases the burden on the citizen as a result of the consequences. This is a failed policy, according to their description.

The demonstrators held all political bodies responsible for the deteriorating standard of living of citizens and the lack of economic stability in the country.

The demonstrators announced their rejection of the decision of Speaker of the
House of Representatives, Aguila Saleh, to impose a tax on the dollar exchange rate.

The demonstrators’ statement called on the judicial authorities to hold all political bodies in eastern and western Libya accountable for wasting money without oversight or accountability.

The demonstrators also demanded the formation of a unified government in the country to prevent the waste of funds and the depletion of the state’s reserves.

The demonstrators threatened to escalate their movement into comprehensive civil disobedience until their demands were met.

Source: Libyan News Agency