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Libyan Newswire

NSG convenes meeting to discuss security measures in libya.

Tripoli, 01.03.2016(Lana) Head of the National Salvation Government, Khalifa Al-Ghawial held a meeting Monday at the government offices to discuss current security measures in libya. Present at the meeting were Minister of Interior, Abdullatif Qadoor, Minister of Justice, Mustafa Al-Qaleeb, military commanders of the Libyan army represented in the Chief of General Staff and his aide, head of intelligence and Public Investigation and chief of Staff of Army and air force. The meeting focused on discussing prominent developments and military situation in the region as well as the military and security situation in Benghazi, Serte and Sabratha. Khalifa Al-Ghawial discussed the Libyan borders file and the need to put in place a tight security measures to secure the borders to curtail infiltration of extremists into Libyan territories in cooperation with neighboring countries to combat illegal immigration. Head of Public Intelligence touched on Serte city file and monitoring movements and mechanism pursued to undermine the State Organization cancer besides military developments and arrangements.

Source: Libya News Agency