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News in Brief 29 April 2015 (PM)

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WHO is providing fuel to the Ministry of Public Health and Population in Yemen to address critical shortages. Photo: WHO Yemen

Without supply of fuel to Yemen, humanitarian operations will cease

Aid agencies are warning that humanitarian operations in Yemen will cease unless the supply of fuel is restored the country.

Yemen’s health, water and sanitation systems are reportedly at imminent risk of collapse due to shortages caused by ongoing fighting between government forces and rebels.

The Yemen Public Telecommunications Corporation also warned that unless the fuel crisis is resolved, telecommunication services including mobile phones and Internet will shut down within a week.

Security Council briefed on dialogue process in Libya

Libya continues to be dominated by chaos, despite the efforts that are being made to end the political crisis there.

That’s according to the head of the UN Support Mission in Libya, Bernardino León, who briefed members of the Security Council on continued efforts to reach an agreement.

Here’s Mr León.

“We all know very well and the actors involved in the dialogue know very well that there’s no military solution. So, all the fighting you can see in the country is affecting the political dialogue and intended to hamper the political dialogue.”

Mr León added that meetings to discuss the security situation in Libya are scheduled for next week.

Release of 200 girls from Boko Haram welcomed by UN Envoy Gordon Brown

The release of 200 girls from captivity by Boko Haram has been welcomed by Gordon Brown, the UN Special Envoy for Global Education.

He called once more for the immediate release of all abducted girls, saying “it is time to end the nightmare”.

Mr Brown explained that for a year, many families have not known whether their daughters are dead or alive, married off, sold off or violated as a result of their captivity.

Stephanie Coutrix, United Nations.

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