Tuesday, 14/7/2020 | 11:15 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Navy Forces Announce Seizing of 3 Tunisian Trawlers Tripoli, 17 November 2016(Lana) A spokesman for the Libyan Navy Col.

Ayub Gassem said a navy patrol in the western sector at Al Zawiya Refinery point has seized 3 Tunisian fishing trawlers, as they engaged in fishing activity in the Libyan territorial waters. The patrol ordered the trawlers, via radio to stop, but they ignored the orders and tried to escape, which prompted the patrol to fire warning shots and to seek the violating trawlers. Three trawlers were finally seized at the Al Zawiya Refinery, Gassem told the Libyan news agency. Gassem said one fisherman was hurt in his hand as a result of the engagement in which one of the patrol men was injured, after being attacked by one of the fishermen. The case was reffered to the prosecution for investigation.

Source: Libya News Agency