Thursday, 6/8/2020 | 9:26 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

National Human Rights Commission Concerned by Rise in Hate Speech, Violence and Religious and Intellectual Extremism.

Benghazi, The National Human Rights Commission has expressed concern over what it said a rise in hate speeches , violence, exclusion, bigotry, intellectual and religious extremism, and Tribal Fanaticism on the SMS networks which could lead to more division and hate among the people of the one homeland. The NHR issued a statement in which it warned media platforms and the parties that subscribe with such behavior against continuing with incitement to hate and violence, discrimination and human rights violation, and said they could face prosecution locally and internationally. The Committee called on media people, journalists and bloggers to work together to prevent hatred speeches, discrimination, extremism and fanaticism, and to ensure a tolerant, balanced inclusive narrative. It urged the Libyan people, from all walks and political and cultural affiliations, to join hands to spread the culture of peace, concord and national reconciliation all over the country.

Source: Libya News Agency