National Forum to Adjust course elections issues constitutional phase document as integral part of the constitutional declaration and calls on the HoR to hold session in Tarhuna for approval.

Tarhuna, Participants in the National Forum to Adjust Election Course, which was held in Tarhuna, southeast Tripoli said they support a sound democratic path, and holding of free and fair elections that lay the foundations for building a civil state in which a peaceful transfer of power takes place.

The statement issued by the forum held those who have issued the presidential and parliamentary elections laws responsible for their violation of the constitutional declaration and the decisions of the Geneva meeting, in a manner that suits certain individuals and personalities with the aim of obstructing the handover of power, and also the head of the High National Election Commission for what the statement described as his biased positions and his ignoring of objections to the election laws, calling on the Supreme Council For the judiciary to activate the constitutional department, and to distance itself from political wrangling, and to preserve the impartiality of the judiciary.

The participants in the forum announced issuing of a constitutional document under the name ‘Constitutional Phase Document’, which is an integral part of the constitutional declaration, according to which the parliamentary and presidential elections will be held on set time, as a sign of commitment to holding of elections.

The participants in the forum expressed their categorical rejection of foreign interference in the Libyan affairs, especially at this critical stage in the history of Libya, stressing the urgent need to find a consensus among all parties.

Source: Libyan News Agency