Monday, 21/9/2020 | 3:25 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Mogherini: European forces will train the naval forces and coastal guards in Libya.

Tripoli, - The high representative for security and foreign policy in the EU "Federica Mogherini" , said that "Sofia" operation forces launched by the EU last year in the Mediterranean , will begin soon in training the coastal guards and naval forces in Libya. Mogherini in a statement , pointed out that the European political security committee , had adopted the decision to extent Sofia operation for another year , as well as maintaining the main task , which is to dismantle the smuggling networks. Sofia cadres will commence training the Libyan naval forces and costal guards , and to promote information exchange , at the request of the legitimate Libyan authorities. Mogherini also pointed out , that Sofia staff will implement the arm embargo to Libya , in accordance to the security council resolution , she also said that the preparations for the new tasks will take several days , asserting on the importance for the European ministerial council's approval on this matter. The European official , in her statement , she welcomed this development in Sofia missions , especially for the urgent Libyan status , and she said that she will meet with the head of the presidential council Saraj in Vienna next Monday , during the international conference about Libya , at the invitation of the USA and Italy.

Source: Libyan News Agency