Wednesday, 22/1/2020 | 1:46 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Misahle reaffirms political accord is basis to address Libyan crisis

Algiers, Algerian state minister for Maghreb, African Union and Arab League Affairs, Abdulqader Misahle has reaffirmed that political accord is the bases to address the Libyan crisis, hightling the importance of safeguarding this achievement. Misahle who was speaking to the Algerian TV 'Hours Issues programme' said: 'The political accord in Libya signed in December 17, 2015 in Morocco is the bases for solution of the Libyan crisis, an approach supervised by the UN and must be preserved'. The Algerian Minister who recently paid a visit to Libya added;' The accord is not a sacred book and can be revised or amended'. He recalled one item of the accord which provides for a meeting of the parties singing the accord at any time to meet, discuss, negotiate and revise the accord if the need arises or to insert amendments'.

Source: Libya News Agency