Monday, 28/9/2020 | 10:58 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Mayors of central region urge Presidency Council to offer support.

Zelitin, several mayors of central region of Libya urged President and members of the Presidency Council of the GNA to speed up disbursement of financial aid to families displaced from Serte and currently residing in these municipalities. Mayors of the municipalities of Zelitin, Misrata, Qasr Khyar, Misalata, and Khomas and presidents of Serte and Beni Waleed Local Councils explained in statement Wednesday following their meeting in Zelitin, that the displaced from Serte and its outskirts are facing difficult conditions and are in need for aid. President of Serte Local Council, Eng. Abdulfatah al-Siwi said in statement to Lana that the meeting covered some obstacles facing displaced families from serte residing in these municipalities. They also reviewed stock count ,made by stock committees formed by the Crisis Committee of Serte Local Council. President of Serte Local Council explained that the meeting discussed the security situation at these municipalities and continued coordination between security operations room at these mucipalities to follow up any security breaches and infiltration of terrorist elements coming from Serte.

Source: Libyan News Agency