Tuesday, 7/4/2020 | 10:56 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Mayor of Serte discusses with EU ambassador to Libya support to city in all fields

Serte Mayor of Serte, Mukhtar Al Me'adani met with the EU ambassador to Libya, Bettina Muscheidt to discuss the situation of the city and identify the pressing needs of the city. Al Me'adani told Lana the meeting discussed obstacles encountering the population of the city and their hardships due to destruction of their homes due to war against daesh and that over 2000 houses in various districts are destroyed due to liberation war. They also discussed land mines planted by Daesh in Serte, and bodies still buried under the ruins in Al Jeeza, Al Bahrya, besides needs of health utilities of medicine and equipment, as well as needs of educational institutions such as media, population, cultural, environment and sanitary services. Mayor of Serte explained that EU ambassador expressed EU readiness to support needs of serte, and to care for education and health sectors, and support of stabilization initiative, health utilities, training and support of youth.

Source: Libya News Agency