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March enforcement highlights from southern Manitoba

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is pleased to share a sample of March 2015 highlights from the border crossings in southern Manitoba. This sampling underscores the CBSA’s commitment to protecting Canada’s security and prosperity.

Southern Manitoba officers continued to keep the country safe and secure by refusing entry to individuals with previous criminality. On March 13 at Emerson, officers refused entry to a 51-year-old male foreign national for previous criminality including an extortion conviction. On March 23, officers at Emerson refused entry to a 34-year-old U.S. male for three driving under the influence convictions, as well as a 34-year-old U.S. male for possession of methamphetamine.

The CBSA reminds travellers to truthfully declare all purchases regardless if exemptions may apply as there may be enforcement actions taken for undervaluing or not declaring purchases up to and including prosecution in a court of law. On March 2, a Manitoba man importing a vehicle from the U.S. was fined for making a false declaration by undervaluing the vehicle by over $8,000. The man was issued a penalty of $2,293 for the false claim. Had he been truthful, he would have only paid $260 in duty and goods and services tax. On March 26, a Winnipeg man declared that he had purchased a trailer for $5,000, but upon further examination, the man revealed he had paid over $9,600 for the trailer. The man was issued a penalty of $3,540 for undervaluation of the trailer, and upon payment was allowed to enter Canada with his goods.

On March 13, Boissevain officers seized a switchblade from a returning Canadian, and officers at Windygates seized a stun gun from a U.S. man travelling with a companion on a fishing trip. Switchblades and stun guns are prohibited weapons in Canada. The travellers were allowed to proceed into Canada without the weapons.

On March 28 at Emerson, officers arrested a 48-year-old male as he was the subject of an outstanding Manitoba-wide warrant for forgery. The Winnipeg Police Service attended and arrested the man who is charged with theft and forgery.

The CBSA would like to remind all travellers of the continued restrictions on importing poultry products. It is prohibited to import all raw poultry and all poultry products and by-products that are not fully cooked from certain U.S. states. This includes eggs and raw pet foods, sourced, processed, packaged or shipped from 13 states, including North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota and Montana.

Quick Facts


  • There were 124,570 travellers across southern Manitoba, including 68,512 at Emerson, in 50,894 cars.
  • There were 19,737 commercial trucks in southern Manitoba.
  • Officers completed 254 permanent resident landings and issued 41 work permits and 4 study permits at Emerson.
  • Officers in southern Manitoba refused entry to 36 foreign nationals for criminality or other reasons.

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