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Links for 2012-05-18 [Digg]

  • Opinion: Let Libya Inspire the Rest of the World – By S.A.Thameemul Ansari
    Now that Libya has seized the precious moment in the world history with its sudden but successful leap towards freedom, the world’s attention has started zooming in on Libya. As a nation, Libya has its own experience to deal with the eventualities of change in a manner befitting and appropriate.
  • ICC Considering Libya’s Request to Try Seif in Country’s Courts
    The International Criminal Court (ICC) is currently considering a request by the Libyan authorities to try the son of former leader Muammar Gaddafi in their national courts, Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo has told the Security Council.
  • African Diaspora Summit to Address Continent Development Agenda
    The African Union Commission in collaboration with the Republic of South Africa will be holding the first Global African Diaspora Summit on Africa Day, on May 25 within the Sandton Convention Centre located in Sandton CBD, Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • UN Observers Return to Base in Syria Following Bomb Blast
    A group of UN military observers who stayed overnight in the Syrian town of Khan Cheikhoun, following a bomb blast Wednesday that damaged some of their vehicles, have returned to their team site, a UN spokesperson has said.
  • Opinion: The Upcoming Elections: A State of Optimism – By Hussain Abdulrazzaq Kreiba
    There are promising signs for the success of the first Libyan elections, after the downfall of the Gaddafi regime, taking place in June 2012 for electing the members of the National General Congress. This newly elected political body will act as a legislative board, form a new government, appoint the potential acting Libyan president and get involved in writing the most important Libyan document, the constitution.
  • Opinion: Peace-making without Mediators – By Nicola Nasser
    A surplus of mediators have been around all the time, including the heavy weight Quartet of the UN, US, EU and Russia, as well as heaps of terms of reference of UNSC resolutions, bilateral signed accords and "roadmaps," in addition to marathon bilateral talks that have left no stone unearthed, international as well as regional conferences were never on demand to facilitate the "peace process," which has been lavishly financed to keep moving.
  • UN Expert Group to Probe Use of Mercenaries During Libya Conflict
    The United Nations Working Group on the use of mercenaries is to undertake a visit to Libya from May 21 to 25 to assess allegations of the use of mercenaries in the recent conflict, and the measures taken by the government to address this phenomenon in its aftermath.