Wednesday, 17/7/2019 | 2:37 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Libya’s Neighbors Ministerial Meeting Underlines Need To Preserve Libyan Integrity.

Khartoum, Participants in the ministerial meeting of Libya’s neighbors hosted by Sudan on Thursday have pledged voiced their commitment to support Libya in its quest for a peaceful transition based on a consensus political agreement that leads to national reconciliation. The final communiqué issued at the end of the meeting underlined the constant principles of protecting the sovereignty and integrity of Libya and rejection of foreign intervention in its internal affairs. The Communiqué underlined respect of the Political Agreement of 2015, as a framework for solving the crisis and called for the consensus to be established without exclusion, and for a commitment to comprehensive dialogue and rejection of military solutions. The communiqué called for attention to be paid to the South and for coordination to be conducted with neighboring states to combat terrorism and criminal activities. It highlighted the improvement of the security situation in the capital and the economic measures which began to bear fruits. The Communiqué expressed full support for the Government of National Accord and the Political Agreement and all encounters which have brought together Libyan civilian and military leaderships for the unity of the country including unifying the military institution.


Source: Libya News Agency