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Libyan Newswire 2016-05-04 00:00:00

Rome, The House of Representatives official spokesman Faraj Abu Hashem has affirmed that arrangements were being made for the House to meet in city of Ghadamis in western Libya, to grant confidence to the Government of National Accord led by Fayez Al Saraj. If possible, members will move to the city of Ghadamis as soon as possible, to hold the meeting, Abu Hashem told the Italian Aki news agency. He noted that the first and second deputies of the Speaker of the House of Representatives can chair the meeting which would be an emergency one. Abu Hashem said he calls for the political agreement to be promptly endorsed by the House of Representatives, especially that the agreement provides for evacuation of the armed men from the capital, dissolution of the militias and handing over of weapons to the military. As for the draft constitution presented by the Constituent Assembly, Abu Hashem said 'it was put before the House at a consultative session which was chaired by Ageela Saleh, and attended by 30 members, but said it could be endorsed only at a House session that had the official quorum.

Source: Libyan News Agency