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Libyan Stolen Antiquities Office Draws up List of Looted Artifacts.

Libyan Stolen Antiquities Office Draws up List of Looted Artifacts.Sunday , 1405201716:22:00

Benghazi, 14 May 2017(Lana) The office responsible for looted artifacts at the Libyan Antiquities Authority has drawn up a list of looted museums and antiquity stores from the World War II era up to now. Among the looted artifacts was a sandstone statue of the Greek Goddess Ezis, which was found in Martouba, a Pharaoh statue which was looted from Tulmeitha during the World War II, and which is now displayed at the war museum in Cleveland in the US state of Ohio. The list also included a marble statue of Asclepius, the medicine god, which was looted from Tulmeitha in the 1900s, and another marble statue of a bearded man belonged to the Roman era, looted from Cyrene and now on display in a museum in Qatar. On the list also plates and utensils made of sandstone, used in the ancient times to keep the dead ash, stolen from Bani Walid in 2016. The Head of the Stolen Artifacts Office Khalid Al Haddar said the list would be translated into English and circulated to international organisations concerned with artifacts including ICROM, Interpol and UUESCO, and the Italian Police Carbeniere. Libyan embassies worldwide will be notified about the list, Al Haddar said. =Lana=