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TRIPOLI, Washington's transfer of its embassy to Jerusalem completely eliminates the "opportunity for peace between Palestine and Israel," said Libyan researcher and Middle East expert Jalal al-Fitouri.

"U.S. President's decision is bias to one side, and it reflects the continued American commitment to Israeli plans. The U.S. has become an impartial party to the peace issue in the Middle East. Therefore, escalating steps must be taken to respond to this provocative move," Al-Fitouri told Xinhua Monday.

"The rejection of the U.S. decision must be announced through diplomatic channels. If this does work, all countries of the region must boycott the U.S., especially at the political level and military cooperation with Washington," he explained.

The United States officially transferred its embassy to Israel to Jerusalem on Monday as pledged by U.S. President Donald Trump, who recognized the city as the capital of Israel.

The transfer of the embassy came as thousands of Palestinians carried out protests and rallies known as the "Great March of Return," leading to 58 Palestinians killed in clashes with the Israeli army. -- NNN-XINHUA

Source: Nam News Network


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