Thursday, 13/8/2020 | 2:35 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Libya: Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) IDP and Returnee Report: Round 25 | April – May 2019


This report presents the findings of round 25 of the mobility tracking component of the Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) programme in Libya, covering the reporting period 01 April until 31 May 2019.

In April and May 2019, the number of IDPs identified in Libya increased substantially from 172,541 IDPs to 268,629 by the end of round 25. New displacements during the reporting period were primarily due to the escalation of hostilities in South Tripoli and related population movements.

More specifically, since the onset of armed conflict on 04 April 2019, clashes have continuously been reported in densely populated areas in South Tripoli and throughout the reporting period, triggering displacement of civilians to safer neighborhoods in Tripoli, the Nafusa mountains and along the coastal line in Western Libya. IDP families displaced to locations close to areas of conflict remain at risk, along with host community members providing them with shelter. While most IDP families were identified to be staying in private accommodation, over 3,900 IDPs were identified in collective shelters.

Source: International Organization for Migration