Saturday, 22/2/2020 | 3:32 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire


BENGHAZI (LIBYA), -- A hospital in the second largest city of Libya, Benghazi, has said on Friday July 22 that it had received 14 unidentified bodies executed with bullets to the heads.

The bodies were found on Thursday and transported to the Benghazi Medical Center by members of the Red Crescent, a doctor at the institution said.

"They had bullet wounds to the head, which could mean that the people were executed," the doctor said.

The UN envoy for Libya Martin Kobler said on Twitter that he is "Utterly shocked and dismayed by the summary execution of a number of people in Benghazi."

He called for immediate investigations and those responsible held accountable.

The largest city in eastern Libya witnessed fierce fighting for more than two years between forces loyal to the authorities based in the east and Islamist groups, including the jihadist group Daesh.

Forces loyal to the authorities are gaining grounds in Benghazi but have not yet taken the whole city. The 14 bodies were reportedly found in this area but the government forces did not confirm the discovery.

Source: Name News Network