Tuesday, 7/4/2020 | 10:47 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Large number of Sirt residents flee the city after the increase of Da’esh’s random detentions and executions.

Tripoli, In the few last days , Sirt city had witnessed the displacements of large number of the city residents , which is under the control of the terrorist Da'esh organization , since nearly a year ago. Eyewitnesses in a phone call with - Lana - said that most displaced families from Sirt city , had left to the cities of Jufra , Sabha , Bani-Walid , Tarhona and Tripoli , looking for safe havens away from the terrorist organization behavior. They added that , the families had to leave the city , after the increase of the random detentions and executions , carried out by Da'esh organization against the city residents as well as the absence of simple living necessities in it for months , as there are no hospitals , no government center services and no banks , it has become impossible to live in the city under Da'esh's existence.

Source: Libyan News Agency