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Kobler: Libya Can't Afford to Remain Divided in the Face of Terrorism.

Kobler: Libya Can’t Afford to Remain Divided in the Face of Terrorism.Sunday , 10-01-2016 – 15:09:00

Tripoli, 10 January 2106(Lana) The UN Special Envoy to Libya Martin Kobler has condemned the terror attack on the Police training camp in Zletin, and stressed that Libya can’t afford to remain divided in the face of terrorism. ‘I was shocked by the despicable act of terror which demonstrated once more the need for Libya to speed up the formation of a national consensus government and reactivation of the Libyan security forces, Kobler said in remarks published on UNSMIL website on Friday. The UN is in contact with Libyan authorities about provision of medical supplies needed to treat victims of the attack, Kobler said. The UN Envoy urged Libyans to brush aside their differences, and to unite in the face of terrorism, saying ‘the assault comes at a time when fighting was still raging at the oil installations in Al Sidra, and Libya cannot afford to stay divided in the face of this serious terrorist threat. =Lana=