Jalu youth objected and threatened to close fields due to OIC employment decision

Jalu- youth of the city of Jalu objected to the decision of the National Oil Corporation to appoint (1,400) young graduates, due to its neglect and marginalization of the city’s youth.

In a video statement, the Jalu youth movement threatened to close the neighboring fields quickly until their demands for appointment in the oil fields and sites they requested are met legally.

In their statement, the youth said that they were betrayed by the National Oil Corporation for not fulfilling its promises to employ them, considering that this is a deliberate marginalization of the youth of the city who are most affected by the oil operations in their areas.

The protesting youth added that they have the inherent right to employment opportunities, and that they decided to quickly close the neighboring fields until their demands, which they had asked for legally, were fulfilled.

According to Lana correspondent, quoting local sources, the decision of the management of the institution to appoint more than (1400) young people to work in oil companies and sites included only four people from the city of Jalu, which is encircled by oil wells.

Source: Libyan News Agency