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Illegal Migration work group meet to coordinate technical cooperation with Libya.

Illegal Migration work group meet to coordinate technical
cooperation with Libya.Wednsday , 2504201815:40:00

Tripoli, 25 April 2018 (Lana) Illegal Migration work group
met to coordinate technical cooperation with Libya. Representatives
from several ministries and institutions in Libya met with EU and UN
delegations as well as members of the diplomatic corps.
The meeting approved the competencies of the Illegal Migration
Working Group, engaging Libyan municipalities in the fight against
illegal migration, laying down plans for agriculture investment and
finding work opportunities in southern Libya.
In a statement Head of the working group, Lawi Al Terjman, said;
‘ The meeting the third of its kind, the first was in November 2017,
the second was in February 2018. The two meetings were in line with
coordination and preparation for the general framework, priorities,
and terms of reference deemed actual kick off of the work of the
working group at practical level in terms of taking decisions
commensurate with entrusted work between IOM and Libya such as
training courses at the Libyan Diplomatic Institute, to target
employees of various relevant Libyan sectors.
He also referred to engaging the private sector in the fight
against illegal migration and putting successful solutions.
He said there are efforts to conclude agreements between Libya
and nighebouring countries to secure Libyan boarders
from southern Mediterranean, EU and International community to find
solutions to the crisis based on Libyan principles, national
sovereignty, protect its southern borders, social fabric and prevent
settlement of migrants.
‘We also prevent the exploitation of migrants, and in this
respect we encourage EU and other developed countries to invest in
migration source countries, so good economic climate would attract
people of these countries to remain in their countries’.
The meeting was attended by IOM, diplomatic corps from Italy,
Sudan, Turkey, France, the Philippines, Holland, Austria, AU, WHO,