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House of Representatives Authorizes Speaker's Office to Set up Dialogue Committee.

House of Representatives Authorizes Speaker’s Office to Set up Dialogue Committee.Wednsday , 1204201717:43:00

Benghazi, 12 April 2017(Lana) The House of Representatives convened a session on Tuesday chaired by the Second Deputy Speaker Hmaid Homa and attended by 73 MPs, during which the national debt was discussed the House spokesman of the Abdullah Bleiheq said. A committee was set up under chairmanship of Abdul Salam Nasiyah and the Chairman of the Legislative Committee as member, with the aim of liaising with the Central Bank and the Administrative Control Authority to review the national debt law and come up with a final draft to be put to the next meeting of the House. The House discussed re-selection of the Dialogue Committee and the rules that had to be observed and had come up with a decision to authorize the Speaker’s office to set up the new committee, Bleiheq said. He said the rules set by the House included determining the mandate of the committee by 4 months and that none of its members would be allowed to take up any official position. =Lana=