House of Representative Foreign Affairs Committee Discuss Parliamentary Cooperation with Members of Turkish National Council.

Tobruk, The House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee met virtually with members of the Turkish National Council chaired by Ahmed Yeldez Chairman of the Libyan-Turkish Friendship Society and Akef Clich Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee, in presence of Member of the House of Representative Salem Gnan.

The two sides discussed latest political developments, joint issues, and ways of upgrading relations in all areas.

The Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives Yusuf Al Agouri emphasized the deep-rooted relationship between the Libyan and the Turkish peoples, and called for further steps to be taken, to promote the relationship including opening the Turkish Consulate in Benghazi, facilitating of entry visas for Libyan nationals wishing to visit Turkey, and activating trade agreements and return of Turkish companies to work in Libya.

Al Agouri stressed importance of promoting cooperation between the Libyan House of Representative sand the Turkish National Council especially on the administrative level, to create a common ground for joint work through constant exchange of viewpoints, and called for Turkish contribution to stability of Libya.

The member of Parliament Salem Gnan, on his part, highlighted the Libyan-Turkish relationship and called for steps to be taken, to remove any obstacles to improving exchange between the two countries, including resuming flights directly from the eastern and southern regions to Turkey.

Source: Libyan News Agency