Thursday, 27/2/2020 | 11:34 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Head of Presidency Council Discusses Power Problem in the South.

Tripoli, the Head of the Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord Fayez Al Saraj on Tuesday discussed with the Deputy Heads of the Council Abdul Salam Kajman and Ahmed Hamza the power problem in the southern region and the suffering it causes to its inhabitants. A package of measures and alternative methods to alleviate the suffering of local population especially with regard to constant power outages in the southern cities, have been agreed at the meeting. Al Saraj instructed the minister of Local Government Badad Gonsou to liaise with municipal councils and the civil society organisations in the south to assess the situation and how to confront gangs that sabotage the power pylons. He paid tribute to the Electricity Company workers who, he said, work tirelessly to ensure that power is provided to each household.

Source: Libya News Agency