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GNC members meet HoR delegation to discuss structuring and management of Libyan – Libyan dialogue

Tripoli, 02.03.2016 (Lana) Several GNC members led by first deputy president, Dr Awadh Abdulsadiq, met House of Representatives delegation led by Ibrahim Amish, head of Justice and Reconciliation committee. The meeting focused on discussing structuring and management of Libyan - Libyan dialogue to reach a genuine outcomes and final accord to end the country's crisis. GNC member, Dr Abdulqader Ahwili told Lana that they agreed to set up a committee comprising two members from each side to put an agenda for the dialogue to proceed with the dialogue on real bases. " We inspected the national harmony initiative to solve the Libyan crisis and met with Libya's elderly and notables who where the first to call for such dialogue and made big pressure for this meeting to take place"Ahwili added .

Source: Libya News Agency