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Gentelone: We will Respond to Any Security Demands Only by Libyan Government.

Gentelone: We will Respond to Any Security Demands Only by Libyan Government.Thursday , 10-03-2016 – 19:14:00

Rome, 10 March 2016(Lana) Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentelone said ‘we will only respond to any security demands by the next government in Libya, and we will do that after approval from Parliament.’ Briefing the Parliament on the Libyan crisis on Wednesday, Gentolone repeated, according to the Italian Aki news agency, that his country would not be drawn into a foreign adventure that might endanger national security and in vain. The issue needs firmness, prudence and responsibility, he said. he warned against the danger of mixing this with the legitimate defence of the stability of Libya. To those who warn against real threats from Da’esh to the extent they demand military operations, we say military intervention is not always a solution, in fact it could prove to make things worse, Gentolone said. ‘To those who speak about number of militarymen supposedly to take part in operations in Libya, Gentelone said. Libya is six times the size of Italy, with nearly 200000 armed men enlisted to the militias and different national armies, therefore it is not a scene for muscle flexing, he said. The Government will not be affected by drum beating or rosy days of intervention, Gentelone said referring to media reports about a possible military intervention against Da’esh organisation. =Lana=