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Garbage In, Energy Out

Waste-to-Clean-Energy Leader Bringing Operations to Nova Scotia

April 7, 2015 – Chester, NS – Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

A clean technology startup is building its first commercial demonstration plant in the Municipality of the District of Chester. Sustane Technologies Inc. is working to commercialize and globally market a new disruptive technology that diverts municipal waste from landfills and safely converts it into clean energy and other recyclable materials.

Sustane’s CEO Peter Vinall spent 35 years in the pulp and paper industry as an engineer and senior executive. After witnessing many mill closures, he began to seek transformative solutions for traditional sectors and the communities that sustain them. Along his journey, he saw an opportunity to transform the way communities manage waste and in 2014 he partnered with Spanish inventor Javier De La Fuente to develop a solution.

Their proprietary technologies separate garbage into plastics, metals, glass, moisture and biomass, each at very high purity levels. This allows each material to be leveraged as a valuable asset. One of those assets is Sustane’s core product, a high-purity biomass fuel pellet. Other value streams are in development. Compared to other waste management alternatives, Sustane’s solution is more environmentally friendly and less expensive. The process does not involve incineration, chemicals or pollutants. With relatively low setup costs it can be used on a small or large scale.

Sustane has already proven their technology on a large pilot scale and now they’re ready to validate and demonstrate it at full commercial scale. They’ve chosen Chester as the place to do it, following careful consultation with the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and the Municipality of the District of Chester. Engineers and suppliers are designing and building the commercial demonstration plant, which is expected to be up and running in mid-2016. The project will generate additional jobs in the area over the course of construction and operation. The Municipality will see all of its garbage removed from the landfill—at a rate of 200 tons per day—and will save money in the long run as a result.

The Government of Canada is providing a $500,000 repayable contribution, through ACOA’s Business Development Program (BDP), to Sustane Technologies to acquire special equipment for the development of the plant. The support was announced today by Gerald Keddy, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture, to the Minister of National Revenue and for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and Member of Parliament for South Shore-St. Margaret’s, on behalf of the Honourable Rob Moore, Minister of State (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency).

Quick Facts:

  • Sustane Technologies’ process removes upwards of 90% of waste from landfills.
  • Municipalities are expected to see an average savings of 20% on landfill and disposal costs.
  • Sustane’s biomass fuel pellets burn almost identically to dry wood. Plastics and contaminants are removed during production so that the pellets can replace or co-fire with coal or biomass in regular industrial boilers.
  • The creation and use of the biomass pellets reduces greenhouse gasses by eliminating landfill gasses (CH4) and further by replacing coal and other polluting fossil fuels with carbon-neutral recovered biomass.


“Our Government is pleased to support the growth of a cutting-edge cleantech firm that is introducing new technology and clean energy processes, right here in Chester. Our Government is committed to encouraging innovation that leads to productivity, growth and prosperity and I am pleased to welcome Sustane Technologies’ innovative operation to Atlantic Canada.”

     -       Gerald Keddy, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture, to the Minister of National Revenue and for the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency and Member of Parliament for South Shore-St. Margaret’s

“The Municipality of the District of Chester is fully supportive of the idea of repurposing waste into a value-added product. Our partnership with Sustane Technologies supports our shared goal of environmental sustainability. This project allows the Municipality to maintain its leadership role in the management of waste in Nova Scotia.”

     -       Allen Webber, Warden, Municipality of the District of Chester

“We are excited about our technology; it’s different from anything out there today. Our long-term vision at Sustane Technologies is to build a technology company that can market this clean alternative to communities around the world. Our new operation in Chester will be a showcase site and brings us one step closer to that vision. Chester has shown admirable insight and vision to explore new alternatives to their status-quo and they are clearly a leader in this regard. This type of willingness to innovate and evolve is what makes this a great community.”

     -       Peter Vinall, CEO, Sustane Technologies Inc.

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Municipality of the District of Chester
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