Wednesday, 12/8/2020 | 4:20 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

First deputy of HSC underscores link between economic stability and development with security factor.

Tripoli, First deputy President of High State Council (HSC), Salah Al-Makhzoum underscored the link between economic stability and development with the security factor, making it incumbent to realize political and security stability to derive the wheel of economy and development in the country. In a speech in the first meeting in Tripoli Tuesday, between the High State Council and the Committee on Development of Economic and Social Enterprises. The meeting focused on mechanisms to finance development projects from outside state budget, finding a stable rate of exchange of the Libyan dinar and the mechanism to transfer food and fuel subsidies into cash. The meeting which provoked strong debate was attended by several members of HSC, and House of Representatives, the Presidency council, as well as ministries of finance and planning, Central Bank of Libya, National Audit Bureau, Administrative Control, National oil Corporation, and Libyan Investment Authority, directors of commercial banks, besides other specialized institutions.

Source: Libya News Agency