Wednesday, 8/4/2020 | 8:48 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

EU Agreement to Support Libya , Draw up Code of conduct for Migrant-saving Organisations in Mediterranean.

\nBrussels - EU Foreieign Ministers have agreed a code of conduct aimed at explaining and streamlining the work of non-government organizations working to rescue migrants in the Mediterranean \nIn a communigue issued following a meeting in the Estonian capital, the Ministers expressed their full support for the Italian Government initiative to put in place a code of conduct , to be drawn up with cooperation between Italy and the European Union.\nAccording to the Italian News Agency Aki, the Ministers noted stressed the need for collaboration between all parties in the EU and national bodies as well as non-government organizations to save and get migrants to safety.\nAccording to Aki the Italin Foreign Minister as describing at a press conference at the Mnistry\'s headquarters on transit countries,following the Ministerial Forum on Transit Countries, the strcture for work of non-government organizations and the unanimity over Libya as good news \nEU Commission proposals at the meeting included immediately measures on injecting further money to help Libyan authorities control its borders and to work with African countries to lay out sound foundations for re-accepting , as well as granting Italy immediately money from the migration and asylum management funds.

Source: Libya News Agency