Sunday, 15/12/2019 | 7:04 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Director General of Examinations reveals reasons for deferring the exams.

Tripoli, Director General of Examinations, Mohamed Arawssi revealed the reasons for deferring the exams. In statement to Ministry of a education website, he exposed the real reasons behind postponing the dates for exams of end of preparatory and secondary certificates. He the foremost reasons that led to postponing the exams are failure of his department to provide financial cover necessary for conducting exams for this year. He said the department needs money to dispatch and distribute exam papers to various regions, and pay the company running the electronic marking. He said if some other materials are not provided such as printing cartilage and some other spare parts the exams could not be conducted this year. He stressed the need to provide financial support to the department to be able conduct the exams.

Source: Libyan News Agency