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Deputy President of the Presidency Council Mi'tig Meets Mayor of Al Sharqiya Municipality.

Deputy President of the Presidency Council Mi’tig Meets
Mayor of Al Sharqiya Municipality.Tuesday , 1302201814:32:00

Tripoli, 13 February 2018(Lana) The Deputy President of the
Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord Ahmed Mi’tig
on Monday met the Mayor of the southern Municipality of Al Shariqiya,
members of the municipal council and the elders of the region. The
meeting was attended by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of
Transport Abdul Mutalib Al Badawi.
The explained the problems faced by the Municipality of Al
Sharqiya especially in the health services and education sectors,
including what he said lack of a village hospital, constant power
outage and acute shortage of classrooms in the area.
The problem of accessibility because of the poor network of
roads, shortage of potable water and the porous borders in the South
were discussed at the meeting.
The Deputy President of the Presidency Council said he
appreciated the problems that the Al Shariqiya Municipality had to
deal with and promised to work with the competent bodies to overcome
those problems.


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