75 years ago, the Zionist gangs committed one of the most heinous crimes of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians, Deir Yassin massacre, which resulted in martyrdom of 360 Palestinians.

The massacre took place on the 9th of April, 1948 at the hands of the “Irgun” gang, which was led by Menachem Begin, and the “Stern” gang, led by Yitzhak Shamir with the support of Haganah and Palmach gangs.

The brutality and bloodshed of the Zionist gangs in Deir Yassin massacre was the reason for the displacement of thousands of Palestinians from their land to other areas of Palestine or neighboring Arab countries.

After the massacre, the Zionists took over the village, and in 1980 the occupation established settlement units on top of the original buildings of the village, and gave the names of the “Argon”, “Etzel”, “Palmach” and “Haganah” gangs to places in it.

The crimes of the Israeli occupation were and still are being committed against the Palestinian people, as a result of the failure of the international community to implement the rules of international law, stop the occupation’s crimes and hold it accountable for that.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency