Tuesday, 7/4/2020 | 7:52 UTC+0
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Daily world dispatch – Trump, Libya and consequences that are hard to undo

Why would anyone vote for Donald Trump?

The decision, like so many we make day in and day out, can’t be boiled down to a simple assessment of the man and his attributes. We also look at a variety of issues beyond the man himself, and the way questions of choice are put to us have a huge bearing on how we answer them.

The existence of Hillary Clinton, with all her flaws and history, changes the way people view the Republican candidate.

Likewise, the history of the West’s failure to intervene in conflicts abroad, from Rwanda to Bosnia, colours the judgement of politicians and MPs when they consider whether or not to vote for air strikes in Libya to counter a tyrannical regime targeting its own people. The specifics of the case – the specifics of what it is to be Libyan, and how Western intervention in one place might be coloured by intervention in others – are often trampled over or simply ignored.

So it may be that people make choices now they will regret later, and which have consequences that are hard to undo. But the only thing worse than the onerous responsibility of making such decisions, for good or ill, is living in a world – or a country – where the alternative is having no power to make decisions at all.

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