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  • Extremists Threaten Libya History

    Libyan antiquities are falling prey to extremists. In the most recent attack, vandals demolished the marble pillars of an ancient church in Shahat. Along with nearby Cyrene (which lent its name to today’s Cyrenaica region), the city is home to many Greek and Roman artefacts. Activists concerned with preserving Libya’s patrimony shared news of the

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  • Libyans Weigh in On Ansar Al-Sharia

    Libyan authorities say Ansar al-Sharia is responsible for the wave of violence gripping Benghazi. Citizens are also voicing outrage that the group is committing violence in the name of Islam. Following the slaughter of nine soldiers on May 2nd, the interim government blamed “the so-called Ansar al-Sharia and other terrorist groups”. To gauge public opinion

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  • Tunisian Diplomat Still Captive in Libya

    Nearly two months after terrorists abducted a Tunisian diplomat in Tripoli, his family is no closer to learning his fate. “All we hear is that he is in good health – assurances here and there without results,” the father and sister of Mohamed Bechikh said in an exclusive interview with Magharebia. The actions of an

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  • The African Union and partners conduct Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration briefing with Libyan Authorities

    TRIPOLI, Libya, May 8, 2014 – The Commission of the African Union (AU) and its partners, notably the United Nations and the World Bank, yesterday, 6 May 2014 conducted a one-day briefing for the Libyan Government on Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration (DDR). The briefing, carried out within the framework of the AU DDR Capacity Programme,

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  • Sudan’s Consulate in Libya Attacked

    The Sudanese consulate in Kufra, Libya, was hit by a hand grenade on Friday. No injuries were reported. The building was damaged. The Sudanese consul in Kufra, Esam Abdel Rahman, on Saturday told the Libyan Solidarity Press Agency that unidentified assailants tossed a hand grenade at the Sudanese consulate late Friday. There were no casualties.

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  • Joint Statement By the Governments of France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States On the Ongoing Attacks By Terrorist Groups On Libya’s Legitimate Security Forces in Benghazi [press release]

    France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy and Germany condemn the ongoing attacks by terrorist groups or organizations targeting Libya’s legitimate security forces in Benghazi. These attacks undermine the Revolution for which Libyans fought so dearly and jeopardize Libya’s transition to a truly sovereign, free, democratic and prosperous State in which all Libyans can

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  • Libya Reacts to Bloody Ansar Al-Sharia Assault

    The slaughter of nine soldiers by Ansar-al Sharia terrorists on Friday inaugurated another violent week-end in Benghazi. The head of Benghazi’s Joint Security Room (BJSR) on Saturday (May 3rd) narrowly escaped assassination. Colonel Abdullah al-Saiti was returning from a funeral when shots were fired at his convoy on Venezia Street, Libya Herald reported. Benghazi’s security

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  • Assembly Confirms Ahmed Matiq As Prime Minister

    Ahmed Matiq, Libya’s top candidate for the premiership, has been confirmed as the head of the transitional government. Prior to the official announcement, lawmakers argued over the validity of his appointment. After hours of uncertainty surrounding the outcome of a parliamentary vote the previous day, businessman Ahmed Matiq emerged on Monday morning victorious as the

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