Friday, 15/12/2017 | 11:31 UTC+0
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  • Constitutional Misunderstandings

    Our justly praised Constitution and the institutions it created have taken something of a verbal battering over the past week and more — and often for the wrong reasons. In the process, the office of the public protector has become something of a surrogate battleground for the opposing factions in […]

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  • Condolences to the Sogoni Family [press release]

    The Inkatha Freedom Party would like to extend its condolences on the passing of Hon. Elliot Sogoni, the former chair of the Standing Committee on Appropriations. “The IFP is saddened by the untimely passing of Hon. Sogoni. He was a capable, astute and diligent chairperson of the committee, who embraced […]

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  • Op-Ed – Service Delivery Protests and the Media [analysis]

    In recent years, the headlines have been dominated by stories of violent protest. Can’t people protest peacefully? one keeps hearing citizens ask. But the problem might not lie with the protesters themselves. When one thinks of service delivery protests, the following comes to mind: burning tyres, vandalised property, violence and […]

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  • Indian Ocean Nations to Carry Out UN-Organized Tsunami Readiness Test

    Ten years after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, 24 countries in the region will participate in an exercise organized by the United Nations to test their readiness to address such rare but potentially destructive events. The large-scale simulation exercise – known as “IOWAVE14″ – is planned for 9 and 10 […]

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  • Dream Comes True for Groutville Resident

    He spent most of his adulthood sharing a rented room with his wife and grandchildren in an informal settlement, but he never gave up hope that one day he would have his own home. On Friday, Sithembiso Mbesi, 67, from Groutville shed tears of joy, when …

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