Saturday, 19/9/2020 | 8:12 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Britain to send a warship to the Mediterranean to stop smuggling weapons and human trafficking.

London, - The British authorities , on Friday , said that it will send a warship to the Mediterranean to held - as it put it - in "stopping smuggling weapons and human trafficking". The British prime minister "David Cameron" , during the 7th summit , which was hosted by Japan , said that Britain is ready to - what he described as - to "play an active leading role" , in assisting Libya to deal with the crisis of smuggling weapons and illegal immigration. The British PM said , that the situation in Libya is "dangerous on the region" , and "the UK will deploy a warship in the region after the UN permission , adding that his country is working closely with the EU , to confront human trafficking in the Mediterranean , pointing out , that the UK is about to send a team to help in implementing a training plan for the Libyan coast guards. Its noteworthy , that the presidential council of the national accord government 'NAG' , last week had asked the EU , which in charge of "Sofia" operation in the area , for more assistance in training the navy forces and border guards , as well as to stop smuggling immigrations via the Mediterranean.

Source: Libyan News Agency