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Awarded HAB Halal Certificate, Shantou New Oriental Hotel Amenities Co., Ltd broadened its Halal Certified Cosmetics Market

SHANTOU, China, June 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Shantou New Oriental Hotel Amenities Co., Ltd was awarded the HAB Halal certificate on April 23rd, 2018. Population of Muslims all over the world is up to 1.8 billion, about one-fourth of the global population. Expenditure spent on Halal cosmetics by consumers in 2016 is approximately 27 billion US dollars, and it may increase to 39 billion US dollars by 2019. With the rapid growth of Halal certified cosmetics market, Halal cosmetics will be favored by more multinational companies in international market, which is by the benefit of the increasing consuming capacity from Halal market and increasing demand for safe and clean cosmetics from mass consumers.

Take a broad view to domestic market, Halal cosmetics sector is still in its infant stage. Consumers are still lack of recognition to Halal cosmetics. In the purpose of respecting customs and habits of Muslims, Shantou New Oriental Hotel Amenities Co., Ltd has developed and implemented a series of rigorous regulations covering raw material purchasing, warehousing and transportation, manufacturing and sales management, which promote the development of Halal certified cosmetic products and regulate Halal management internally. Also, it lays a solid foundation for the company to the further development of new market and new customers.

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