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Answer – VP/HR – The EU as part of the Quartet for Libya – E-003578/2017

The European Union (EU) was invited to join the Libya Quartet in Cairo in March 2017 with the aim of helping to bring coherence and effectiveness of the diplomatic actions of international actors to help Libyan actors come to a consensus on the way forward for their country.

As underlined in the joint communique(1), the latest meeting in Brussels on 23 May 2017 was an opportunity to pull together international efforts and to agree on the steps that each participating organisation will take to deliver this outcome.

The High Representative/Vice-President will continue to work with the Libya Quartet to further coordinate the four organisations’ efforts to advance the political process and to assist Libya in its transition, guided by the Foreign Affairs Council conclusions on Libya of 6 February and 17 July 2017.

The stabilisation of Libya remains a core objective of EU policy, with four lines of action: 1) engage more actively in efforts to galvanise the political process and to support the Libyan Political Agreement (LPA); 2) complement EU support to the Presidency Council(2) and the Government of National Accord with outreach to all Libyan stakeholders in all parts of the country; 3) work more closely and effectively with the United Nations; 4) support mediation efforts by neighbouring countries and regional organisations.

(2) Council conclusions on Libya — Council conclusions (6 February 2017), 5319/17 MAMA 11 CFSP/PESC 22 RELEX 73 LIBYE 2.

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