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Answer – VP/HR – Situation of refugees and migrants in Libya – E-000674/2017

The Joint Communication on the Central Mediterranean route(1) and the Malta Declaration by the members of the European Council on the external aspects of migration: addressing the Central Mediterranean route(2), do not foresee the return of migrants and asylum-seekers from EU Member States to Libyan shores. The measures foreseen mostly aim at enhancing Libya’s capacity to control its southern border and its territorial waters and supporting Libya’s capacity to comply with its obligations under international law and human rights law.

The EU is aware of the appalling human rights conditions in these centres in Libya. The Foreign Affairs Council conclusions, adopted on 6 February 2017(3), state the commitment of the Council to do everything it can to improve the plight of the detained migrants in Libya and of irregular migrants generally. The Joint Communication stated that an envelope of EUR 200 million will be made available for North Africa, with a priority for migration related projects concerning Libya, working closely with stakeholders, including with international organisations such as the International Organisation for Migration and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and on the ground.

The EU has engaged repeatedly and consistently with the Libyan authorities at all levels, on border management, countering irregular migration and addressing the needs of migrants in Libya, particularly those in centres, aiming to ensure that conditions meet international humanitarian and human rights standards. The EU actions to train the Libyan Coast Guard systematically contain components on human rights and the humane treatment of migrants.

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