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Answer – VP/HR – Asset recovery in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya: state of play – E-015500/2015

The process of asset recovery is a competence of EU Member States and depends on the bilateral process of Mutual Legal Assistance between individual Member States and Tunisia, Egypt and Libya respectively. It should be noted, however, that assets may only be recovered after there has been a final judgment in the relevant third country where the assets in question have been misappropriated.

The EEAS has regularly obtained from the Egyptian and Tunisian Authorities details of the status of the relevant cases. On the basis of this information, the Council has decided to maintain the asset freeze to preserve the funds so that these may be returned to Egypt and Tunisia if the legal requirements for Mutual Legal Assistance are met.

UNICRI is mandated to assist intergovernmental, governmental and non-governmental organisations in formulating and implementing improved policies in the field of crime prevention and criminal justice.

The project effectively started in October 2015 with two inception missions in Tunisia in October and Egypt in November. Activities in Libya are on hold given the current security situation but Libyan stakeholders have been consulted in Tunis. The team attended the Arab Forum on Asset Recovery in Tunisia in December, presented the project and had meetings with the requesting states and several requested states. Based on the identified needs, a first workshop will take place in Tunis in the coming weeks on civil confiscation.