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Answer – European Strategy for Syria – E-007078/2016

Neither the Commission, nor its President, did or would suggest that Member States suspend their unilateral efforts on Syria. However those efforts are framed by the conclusions of EU-28 foreign ministers, and of heads of States and Governments. The pooling of EU Member States efforts is therefore something the Commission welcomes and that is in line with the aims of the EU Global Strategy.

The EU backs practical multilateral cooperation on issues such as border security, trafficking, counterterrorism, non-proliferation, water and food security, energy and climate, or infrastructure and disaster management. The EU also acts at different levels of governance: conflicts such as those in Iraq, Syria and Libya have local, national, regional and global dimensions which must be addressed in parallel.

In the case of Syria, a proposal for an EU Strategy is foreseen for adoption by the Commission in early 2017. It will build upon the EU Regional Strategy for Syria and Iraq as well as the Da’esh Threats adopted in March 2015(1).

(1) FAC CCs of 16.5.2015.