Friday, 7/8/2020 | 9:11 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Al-Thulti: GNA observes national interest to unify ranks and averting the capital political polarization.

Tripoli, GNA Presidency Council spokesman, Ashraf Al-Thulti has announced that there are no things indicating settling of illegal immigrants in the MoU signed recently by President of the Presidency Council, Faeyz Saraj with the Italian side. At a press conference Monday at the press centre at the Government Office, he explained that the MoU talks about repatriating illegal immigrants to their countries of origin after offering them medical and humanitarian care, besides modernizing detention centres in respect of their dignity. On the visit of Saraj to Turkey recently, he said it focused on return of Turkish companies to finalize halted projects and several issues of common interest. He also praised the visit of Ahmed Amitiq to Italy where he attended the regional forum on speeding up the pace of development in the Mediterranean basin and develop horizons of economic cooperation between Europe and North African countries. He also commended the step taken by the presidency council throuygh the Foreign Ministry and Passports General Department for their work to open offices in Libyan embassies in Tunisia and Egypt to enable Libyans there communicate with the department. He also touched on Presidency Council recent statement in which it denounced arms phenomenon in Tripoli and the declaration of the National Guard. he stressed that the GNA resorts to the language of reason and observes national interest and uses soft power with all parties to unify ranks and avert Tripoli political polarization.

Source: Libya News Agency